So Here’s The Plan

Hi guys!

As most of you know I’ve deferred my college acceptance for a year, so instead of going to school this fall, I’m going on a trip with Thinking Beyond Borders! During this trip I’ll be in 7 countries (Ecuador, Peru, India, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa and finally back to the US, hence the name of this blog). I’ll be studying lots of different subjects, everything from sustainability, to women’s rights, to medicine in the developing world, and I’ll be doing all that with a group of other gap year students (none of whom I’ve ever met… wish me luck!). I’ll be away for the next 7 months, so if you want to keep up with my travels you can follow this blog or feel free to email me! TBB

If you want the full spiel on Thinking Beyond Borders then you can go to their website:


One thought on “So Here’s The Plan

  1. Off to a great start, Rachel!!! Good luck for a great year, we are so excited for you! Keep us in the loop when you can, but know we are with you in our hearts. Carry us in yours. You are going to do great things!!
    Love you,
    Paula (and the rest of the Benson fam)


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