Quick Update

Hi guys!

So it’s been almost 2 weeks since I left the states for my first stop, Ecuador, and so much has happened! First, we started off with Orientation at a beautful ecolodge outside of Mindo.We kiled time by getting to know eachother through the “Who am I” series and setting the tune for the rest of out trip by discussing questions about the ethics and logistics of development, like “What is development?” (if i learned anything it’s that TBB’s questions only lead to more complicated questions, never many answers).


It wasn’t just endless discussion though! We went zipliing over the mountains, took some community dance classes, ended up with multiple unwanted group pets, swam in a waterfall,ran from more spiders than I could count.

Butterfly House
Butterfly House
Hummingbirds on our porch in Mindo
Hummingbirds on our porch in Mindo

We’ve been in Quito for the last few days preparing for our 5 week homestay with an indigenous tribe. Hopefully taking spanish in elementary school pays off!




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